About ClarkRN

Getting it right, right from the start.


With over 13 years in healthcare, I have worked in a number of different hospital environments across the US. As I worked in these facilities, the same question kept popping into my head: Why is my experience as a nurse better or worse in different hospitals for me AND my patients? The more I focused on my experiences, the clearer it became. The answer is so simple, yet so complex.

I spent the next few years studying Healthcare Design and the associated research, Lean methodologies, writing and exploring. I spent the last 6 years working in operations planning and activation of new hospitals all over the country.

Most recently, I have been able to apply the outcomes of these projects to the front-end design of healthcare facilities. ClarkRN has developed a series of tools to assist in aligning the architects, clinicians and healthcare leaders to ensure the design decisions include operational efficiencies and an enhanced experience for staff, patients and families.

Who We Are

ClarkRN partners with firms and organizations involved in the design and implementation of cutting edge, efficient and holistic healthcare environments. We bring knowledge and experience to ensure the designs are developed and tested against the current trends in healthcare delivery including Lean Methodologies, Evidence Based Design, High Reliability, the Flows of Healthcare, and others.

At ClarkRN, we work on a contractual basis and are used when needed both onsite and offsite throughout the course of a project. We have a team of subject matter experts in various nursing and ancillary fields that are pulled in as needed to ensure all aspects of your project are looked at through the eyes of the experts.




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